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Transform ideas into running Web-Applications.

Full-Stack development for your Web-Application

We transform your data intensive business demands into running products and thereby creating long term value for your organization. Thereby we use the right state of the art methods and technologies to implement your requirements. We have a strong network of scholars and experts (Geoidee, Innodays ...) helping you to turn your idea into a product for the digital world of tomorrow.


  • Design Thinking
  • Scrum
  • Continous Integration


  • Postgreysql as Database
  • React the Java Script Library to build User Interfaces
  • Node the Java Script runtime for the Backend
  • Hasura GraphQL as Middleware Tier and Query Language for the API
  • Ansible to automate the IT-Operation
  • Virtuozzo Application Platform


Web-Based Multiplayer Simulation Game

For our customer we developed a Web-Application for a browser based simulation game. The application is fully web based and runs in every standard browser, no matter what device is used (Mobile Phones, Personal Computers, Tablets). The basic methodology for the underlying simulator are dynamics system models StermanJ.2000.

The video below shows the game in action, with the App at 00:55.