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Generate suitable models for complex IT-Systems.

Get the Blueprint for your IT-Project

When Christopher Columbus set sales and left Portugal A.D. 1492 he had a map describing the way to India. The map contained the most recent model of the world back then, but it was wrong as history has proven. Still it clearly fulfilled its purpose. Becaue this model of the world was the enabler and catalyst for the expedition, helped planning and allocate the required money and resources. It was the strategic paper to navigate the team safely through rough waters towards their goal. ZweigS.1944

With our specification of IT-Systems we follow a similar goal. The overall goal is to fulfill the purpose of decision making and guidance to enable progress and achieving a particular aim within a predetermined time and money frame LamportL.2015. We create such goal oriented specifications for your current and future IT Architecture, Functional Design Documents and Technical Design Specifications.


  • BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)
  • ER-Model (Entity Realtionship Database Model)
  • UML (Unified Modeling Language)


Component Diagram Example